My wife and I have been RVing since 2007. We have had two Super C’s and two Class A motor homes. We are not full timers but we have spent a lot of time on the road.

Like many of you, we started cold. No lessons and very little in the way of education from the RV dealers who sold us our coaches. Our first RV initiation was done in 20 minutes by a drunken employee who barely made it through his all too brief “brief”. But there we were. Naively happy. Little did we know that there was much to learn before we could smooth out the bumps on the road to adventure.

We learned by doing, asking questions, seeking advice, observing, taking missteps and making mistakes along the way. We listened intently to the road stories of other RVers who knew a lot more than we did. Embedded in many of these stories were precious kernels of wisdom that helped us become increasingly competent.

With competence came confidence. We made fewer mistakes, took fewer missteps and started having more fun. Because these RV stories were memorable, we retained the lessons. But our learning process wasn’t as fast or as efficient as we hoped. It was serendipitous and sometimes dependent upon meeting good storytellers with experience.

We started this website, in part, to capture the best RV stories from the best RV storytellers. We invite you to submit stories of adventure and misadventure. Our requirements are that the stories are interesting, educational and G rated. There is tremendous power in the wisdom of the RV crowd.

In a nutshell , our goal is to help ourselves and other RVers smooth out the bumps in the road that always accompany RV ownership.

– Neal & Meg

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