At the heart of our site is the smart RVer tab. Lessons from the road are both powerful and memorable. . . Other RVers are the best source of wisdom and so the main purpose of our site is to tap into this wisdom and share it with others. We all make mistakes and take missteps on the road.

Some are dangerous, some costly, some humiliating, and some, in retrospect ,are humorous; like leaving my wife in the rain in rural Mississippi and driving off without her. You can read the details of this mishap in our Trails & Tails section. I am still paying for that mistake. When we tell this story around the campfire it always creates smiles, laughter and even some empathy. Our major lesson from this misadventure was indelible. Now, neither one of us steps out of the RV without our Walky-Talky. You can’t always rely on good cell phone reception. Please get one with a range of at least 25 miles. I was 15 miles out before I realized my wife was not with me. While this misstep is funny around the campfire, I would be a better person had I not made it. And wealthier.

We invite our readers to submit these types of stories in the Trails & Tails tab. We will then take the key lessons from these stories, like the critical importance of a walky-talky and then post these to the Smart RVer tabs along with the other great ideas we glean.

You can also post your ideas or tips directly to the Smart RVer tab. They do not have to come from stories. Rvers learn a lot from each other. We get better schooling from other Rvers than we ever got from mostly perfunctory dealer deliveries. . For example, we learned how to clean our portable camp grill without out any tools, scrapers, or chemicals when we watched another RVer doing it. We used to spend more than 2 hours doing this tedious cleaning. Now it takes 20 minutes.

How many other great ideas like this are out there? Thousands, we suspect. Not all ideas come from stories so feel free to post any clever ones that you think the rest of us can learn from.

We built the Smart RVer tab as a repository for these clever ideas. You may also have great product or service you would personally recommend to other RVers. The Smart RVer tab is good place to post these as well. Note ,we only publish these suggestions when they come from other Rvers who had used these products and services. We will also never recommend a product or service from advertisers, unless consumers give them a 4/5 rating at an 80% confidence level. As my banker said, “This is probably more of a hobby business for you” . That was code for “Don’t expect to make any money”. My wife and I are not doing this with any expectation of making money. We are more interested in helping our community travel safer, smarter, and more smoothly. Just like other RVers have done for us. But now we want to scale this advice!