Mission : More fun, less bumps on the road to adventure!

Our mission is to help new and veteran RVers smooth out the bumps in the road that are inherent in RV ownership.

We are primarily an educational and advisory website dedicated to helping other RVers make less mistakes and take fewer missteps on their journey to adventure. Our Smart RVer section is dedicated to giving our readers tips and advice on making the Rv journey an easier one. We will use the “wisdom of the crowd”, namely you our readers, to provide much of the content for this section. Our combined experience on the road is significant and we have all learned from this experience. We are less interested in pushing particular products, or tools or RV’s on our site. We are more focused on helping our readers make better decisions in living their life on the road.

With adventures come misadventures. They are part of Riving. Some of these misadventures are funny, some are scary, some are avoidable, and some are the result of an inherently flawed industry. But they all provide great campfire stories and invaluable lessons. In Trails and Tales, for example, we will share some of our own stories, (like leaving my wife on the road in Mississippi and driving off without her) and ask you to share your stories as well. We have all had “Teachable Moments”. We will not only be entertained, we will be educated in the process. As Dr Ruth, a sex psychologist, once said, “A lesson learned with humor, is a lesson retained”.

We are also an advocacy group for fellow RVers. We have successfully sued two large motorhome manufacturers due to significant manufacturing defects and poor or non existent customer orientation.. In our Bad RV tab we will talk about legal remedies and resources when facing recalcitrant dealers and non responsive manufacturers. There are many industry land mines that consumers must be wary of when they research, purchase, own, and dispose of their RV’s. It is wise to know your options in the face of “No!”

My wife started “Women on the Road, so that she and other women RVers can share their unique perspectives. For example, I never thought about counter height or the ease of reach to upper cabinets or even the leveling system which was over the steps and unreachable by her. When buying our last RV, I didn’t really pay much attention to the internal décor of the coach nor the ease of use or placement of the washer and dryer. Thankfully she did. . I was focused on the mechanics, yet long term livability was her bailiwick and we now make better decisions when I listen to her point of view. What women want counts!