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Walkie-Talkies: A Must for Saving Your Marriage or Perhaps Your Life

/Meg Thornberry
/May 10, 2023

HI ALL, It’s me again. MEG from MEG’s CORNER


HAVE YOU EVER BEEN LEFT IN THE RAIN and ALONE IN A RURAL AREA? Well here is another RV story that is true. The theme of this story is purchase a WALKIE TALKIE or one of those two way radio systems.

Ladies and Gents, I say this because I was left out in the rain in rural Mississippi, unknowingly, by my dear husband of 50 years. (and yes, he is still my husband)

I want to make that clear.

Well, OMG! We had to pull over in our Jayco 37” Seneca after we heard an alarm notification coming from the electrical panel above the steps. . We had heard this alarm before which indicated that one or more of our stabilizing jacks was coming down or had come down from its driving position. Not a good thing to have happen at 65 mph.  This seemed to only happen in the rain or going over very wet roads.  We were in a bad position on the road with about a third of the coach sticking out on the highway.  So I stepped out to take a look not hearing my husband say, “This is too dangerous a place to pull over so we should go up the road to find a safer place!”

Not knowing much about the jacks, I thought perhaps something was going on with the towing gear on our jeep. . Suddenly he takes off. I thought he was adjusting the parking situation. NO that is not what happened. He took off onto the rode not knowing I was not inside. I saw that the steps were down and the side door was flopping around and not closed. I wondered what the heck is he doing. Well, the coach kept trucking down the rode and was soon out of sight. I knew then he either was sending me a goodby message or didn’t know, clueless, that I was not in the coach. I didn’t have my cell phone so I couldn’t call him.

I decided to walk down the road seeking help. After a couple of hundred yards, I saw a Truck Store on the other side of the highway.  Now drenched in rain, . I crossed 4 lanes and went into the sales department and shared my dismal situation. No RV and no husband. He took off. With panic in my heart, I asked if I could use their phone. The sales people  were gracious and kind. They asked me if we had a fight. I called hubby’s cell number but unfortunately he did not answer. All I could think of was when is the man going to figure out I am not in the RV?

While I continued to call, he had stopped along the road at a 7/11 that was big enough to safely park the rig and the jeep thinking I was still in the RV.


As he looked back in the RV, he saw the side door below the electrical panel was wide open and no me.  He dashed into the store so see If I had suddenly sprinted into an Olympic runner.  No one had see a short blond and then panic set in.  He was convinced that I had fallen out and started running down the road looking in the ditch that ran along the highway.

When he came to a crossroad there happened to be a local Mississippi sheriff at the corner. My husband flagged him down and with abject fear in his voice he told the policeman that he thought his wife fell out of the RV. The policeman looked curiously at him and said, “So son you are saying your wife fell out of the RV”? Hubby replied yes because the door was opened, and I last saw her in the rear of the coach. They drove back to the coach where the officer pulled out a mirror on a stick and proceeded to walk around the coach to see if my husband had accidentally dragged me under the coach.  Really?? No luck. I was not under the coach or in any nearby ditch.

Now another police car showed up in front of the 7/11 followed by a highway patrolman. And of course all the patrons of the 7/11 were now outside watching the proceedings.

Hubby finally got his phone and received my cell phone message that I was down the road and okay and went into a truck retail store. Within a few minutes the Highway-patrolman picked me up and took me to the RV. Hubby was shaken up and I was just happy we reunited.

Lesson learned: PURCHASE A 2 WAY RADIO SYSTEM or often called a walkie talkie. DID I MENTION PLEASE PURCHASE A 2 WAY RADIO SYSTEM?

We now use it religiously. If one of us leaves the coach the other person is aware of it. This is important. The humor in this story is that upon leaving the scene when we were reunited, my husband kiddingly said, “ WELL OFFICER, DO YOU THINK THE JUDGE WOULD BELIEVE ME?”The officer said, “WELL SON, I DON’T BELIEVE SO BUT I HAVE A GOOD STORY TO TELL MY CHILDREN AT DINNER.”

Cell phones often don’t work in very rural areas so now we only step out of our RV we each have out little Uniden walkies. They are relatively inexpensive, and can save a lot of heartache, maybe even your marriage.

It is a real safety measure for you and yours. See Runners World Top Pick Walkie-Talkies.  Get one with at least a 20 mile range.

Do any of you folks have a similar story? Please share!



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