Women on the Road

When we talk to couples on the road, especially Motorhome and 5th Wheel owners, we ask “So, who does most of the driving?”.  About 70 % of the time, it’s a man.  In addition, almost all men do the mechanical repairs. 

When it comes to the inside of the motorhome, however, it’s the woman’s domain.  Women love to point out the decorating. More importantly, women share what they like and don’t like about the interior design of the their RV. They are very astute regarding both aesthetics and ease of use. 

I never paid much attention to the height of RV cabinets until my wife pointed out how difficult it was to reach certain places.  I now listen intently to her insights about the interior of the coach and her opinions about what is good and bad from an interior design perspective.  I cared more about the engine, transmission, water system etc. but she has a big edge on me when it comes to the coach’s livability. 

We have devoted a page for women on the road because their insights are so valuable for new RVers but also for us old hands who get enamored with the new Cummins engine and Alison transmission.

Livability and drivability are essential for having a good RV experience. If you plan to spend a lot of time on the road, make sure to pay attention to the particular insights that women have in this area. My wife notes design flaws or attributes almost instantly when we walk through any RV. One design flaw can go from slightly irritating to totally obnoxious if you are planning long trips together. We encourage other women with particularly feminine insights to weigh in on the “Women on the Road” to help educate each other but also to enlighten us men to things we might not be so attuned to.

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