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When my wife and I settle into a campground, we like to walk around and look at other rigs.  If the owners are outside, we often ask them how they like their RV.  At one campground in Heber City UT, we asked a couple how they liked their 32 ft. towable. The husband said they had it for about 2 years and “loved it”.  But then the wife chimed in and said they were looking to upgrade to a class A motorhome. “Don’t get us wrong, we love it but………….. “. Then the list of dissatisfactions quickly grew longer than the list of satisfactions.

In our travels, we have found this phenomenon of “RV Envy” to be quite widespread.  RVers seem to be forever on the search for the better RV than the one they have.  Now, we have a 2010 Lexus 460L and a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland and we rue the day that we have to part with either of them. That is because we are totally satisfied with each vehicle’s quality, performance, comfort, and capabilities.  But, like many others, we are never completely satisfied with our RV. There are several reasons for this and in many ways these reasons serve as cautionary tales to others who currently own an RV or are planning on buying one. Please see our subsequent post entitledChoosing the right RV; Prepare to be ambivalent.

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